Hybrid Servers Plans and Pricing

Using the latest Dell and Intel Xeon hardware and innovative qemu-KVM virtualization technology, our Hybrid Servers are equipped with up to three hard disk drives in hardware RAID. This guarantees super-fast I/O transfer rates, resilience and data security.

From £75.90


  • vCPU - 6
  • RAM - 18GB
  • HDD - 2x1TB RAID1

From £108.90


  • vCPU - 8
  • RAM - 32GB
  • HDD - 2x1TB RAID1

From £141.90


  • vCPU - 12
  • RAM - 40GB
  • HDD - 3x1TB (2TB usable space)

Agnacom Hybrid servers runs on enterprise-grade hardware with multiple Xeon cores, industry-leading SAS drives with zero I/O sharing and large amounts of RAM. We then use QEMU/KVM to create our dedicated virtual environments at contention ratios much lower than normal VPS servers. In fact when you purchase a Hybrid server you are purchasing a guaranteed slice of the server hardware; its yours, no-one can burst into it.