How do I connect to my VPS? (Linux/SSH)

SSH (Secure shell) is a network protocol used for communicating with a machine in a secure manner over a network. It is the preferred way to manage Linux servers.

To get started with SSH you will need an SSH client, we recommend Putty. Putty is a free program that uses the SSH protocol to connect to yourserver, providing you with an on-screen command line that uses your server’s shell. It can be downloaded from the following URL.

To connect to your server, first open Putty. On the right, you will see a field entitled ‘Host Name (or IP address)”, within this section enter your VPS’IP address, which is displayed on your VPS dashboard. Ensure that the ‘Connection type’ radio button is set to “SSH”, then click ‘Open’ (note: you may wish to save your connection details prior to connecting, this will allow you to connect instantly in future). This will initiate the connection to your server using SSH as the protocol. If this is the first time connecting to the server you will need to accept the servers digital key. After accepting the key, you will see the following prompt:


Enter your username, this will typically be root. Next you will be asked for a password; enter the password provided on your manage VPS page ladled under "Login password". You should now be logged in successfully.

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